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Culture creation


Swedish Very Special Arts, VSA SWEDEN, is a cultural organisation that works to ensure that everyone, regardless of physical, mental and economic conditions, has the opportunity to participate in cultural life as both practitioners and spectators.


Professional cultural practitioners as well as those with an interest in culture and creative activities are welcome as members. VSA arranges among other things art exhibitions, performances, courses, music and poetry performances.


Currently, there is a board for the whole country based in Gothenburg, but working groups can be created for planned activities anywhere in the country. As of 2013, more VSA groups can also be formed in Sweden.


In Gothenburg located an office, a studio and a gallery that can be used by VSAs members.

Here we work


Our premises at Karl Johansgatan 22A in Gothenburg are the center of the association. Here is the gallery for exhibitions, vernissage and scene for gigs, musical and theatrical performances. Here is also our office and workplaces for our artists. Naturally, the premises are adapted for the disabled.

As a member you have the opportunity to use our premises, can exhibit in our gallery, perform on stage or participate in our courses and workshops.


You become a member by paying in 100 kronor by postal order: 37 38 32-5. If you want to support us, you choose how much you want to pay. For our members gallery rental is 600 kronor per room fortnightly and workplace rental is 1000 kronor for a year. Do not forget to include your name in the payment. If you are a new member, send us an e-mail with your contact info:

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